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Strategic Planning


CCPI Strategic Plan

The Champlain College Publishing Initiative is an educational organization aimed to create the best and brightest writers, designers, editors,  and marketers, capable of the adaptability necessary to publish in a digital-bent world. Their mission: to educate and equip students with the most radically pragmatic tools, skills, and industry knowledge in preparation for careers in a wide variety of media through direct participation in and management of print and digital publishing projects. And I designed that.

For my capstone, I rewrote every guiding document and inherent rule about CCPI and created a forward plan for their future and the future of every student who walks through the door. I had to be the researcher, accountant, editor and visionary for the six months it took to complete this.

Blog Posting

Three Takeaways from Social Media Week Independent Austin 2017

As self-improvement is one of my fundamental values, I am always striving to learn more and grow. This year was the inaugural year for a brand-new, much-needed conference in Austin, TX. Social Media Week Independent is a week long conference centered around the advancement of social media, marketing, and global communication. I volunteered my time for this conference and made a positive impression with Best Practice Media, the company hosting the event. They asked me to write about my experiences there and I was paid for my freelance services. 

Below is a follow-up is a description of Social Media Week from their site: “Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.”

owaScience Fiction as a Social Juggernaut and What’s Finally Stopped It 

Darkness Falls, Paranoia Rises 

In the summer of 2016, I became an intern at Other Worlds Austin, Austin’s only Science Fiction film festival. It’s based out of Round Rock, Texas and recently found a permanent home at Flix Brew House. It’s hosted every year in December and the talent, hand-picked by our programmers, blew me away.

There, I worked on marketing promotions for monthly screenings of films that either couldn’t make it to the previous OWA festival, or were just now hitting the circuit. I had to be creative and understand my audience. These campaigns happened online, through various social media channels and I was responsible each day for monitoring the comments, pictures, and postings for our Twitter and Facebook pages. I was also encouraged to write for the blog, which I absolutely did. In 2017, I’ll come back as a programmer for the festival fourth year.


Capstone Blogs Posts

I graduated college from Champlain College in Burlington, VT in 2016. My final classes included one that aimed to highlight how the academic experiences of college would be prudent in a professional world. The required reading included the Essential Peter Drucker, the best sixty years of Peter Drucker’s writings on Management.

We were assigned a chapter each week and every week we had to write a response to the readings. These are mine.


Essay Writing and Editing



Publishing, Digitized and Personalized: Step 1: Crowdfund Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit

Designed by Champlain Alumna Colleen Rooney and published by Champlain Publishing, “Publishing: Digitized & Personalized” is a collection of essays exploring the world of publishing in our rapidly changing digital landscape.

I edited and copy-edited several chapters along side Ms. Rooney, as well as other CCPI staff. Additionally, my chapter on crowdfunding and determining a proper platform for your message also makes an appearance.

Newsletter Preparation and Creation

tblsTexas Board of Legal Specialization: Interview (Hollye and Carson Fisk)

In 2017, I began working as the marketing intern for Pierpont Communications, Texas’ largest Marketing and PR agency. As an intern, I was assigned to several accounts, one of which was the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS). The organization certifies Texan lawyers in areas of specific legal practice, such as family law or construction law. One of my first assignments was to edit and update their newsletter for the final quarter.

Of this newsletter, I interviewed the two father-son lawyers, wrote, edited and designed the outline for the finalized article. It ran this past month on the TBLS website. This piece was also edited by Pierpont Communications employees.

Copy Writing



Charity Dynamics – 2017 Digital Trends webinar

In January of 2017, I began working as a Support Analyst for a company called Charity Dynamics. They seek to aid nonprofits with their marketing campaigns, technical support, social media design, content creation – you name it. I adored the company and especially their CEO, Donna Wilkins. She recognized that technical support was not my chosen career field, and gave me a chance to prove myself as valuable marketing asset. She asked me to provide copy for their 2017 Digital Trends webinar, a shortened version of their 2017 Digital Trends Roundtable event. I had to write three promotional emails, three attendee-focused emails, and six different version of promotional copy for their social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As an added bonus, I designed images to go along with the social media copy. 

Belmont Villages – Facebook Copy

As part of my 2017 internship with Pierpont Communications, I wrote copy for Belmont Villages senior communities. One part promotional campaign, one part social media campaign, my assignment was to research each individual community and write copy specific for each Village’s Facebookpage. From this project, I walked away with a better attention to detail, a stronger sense of effective brevity, and an ear for phrasing similar phrases in exciting, variable ways. 


My talents don’t end with writing and editing. Over the six year course of my professional career I have also had experience with: photo editing, video editing, layout design, photography, event management, project management, strategic management, database management, sales, and strategic design.

Below are some projects that while I had a hand in developing, of which I was not the sole creator.

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