Overhaul: what it means to build from the ground up

I truly believe that one of my strengths in life is that when I experience a problem in my life, I will do everything in my power to fix it. I believe we are all capable of making our own happiness and at the end of the day, we have the power to make our lives improve. In college, the Champlain College Publishing Initiative was my life. I loved the idea of taking the power back, and putting the ability to publish back into the hands of the real, truly free creatives. CCPI challenges the status quo and asks its audience to think deeper, promote better, how to tell this story that you know is important, and more importantly, how to get people to listen.

However, a dream can only take you so far. Concrete action plans make dreams happen and for my senior year capstone project, I designed a map for upcoming students to follow to not only solidify CCPI as a cornerstone piece of Champlain College’s educational program, but help it grow into an experimental powerhouse for everyone who wishes to experience what publishing in the 21st century can truly mean.

It was designed in two parts: the creative justification for why and how such a unique program should and can exist, followed by the fundamental steps necessary to get there. Today, much of my language is used on the CCPI website and they inform me that now, because of my suggestions, more avenues into event management and other educational opportunities are being looked at as academic projects.

Below is the final copy of the project:


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