“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”

– Clementine Paddleford

Hello, my name is Taylor Covington and I am currently working as the Content Marketing Specialist on the SEO team for The Zebra, the nation’s leading car insurance search engine.

I graduated from Champlain College, in Burlington, VT. I have a degree in Management of Creative Media, specializing in Publishing Management.

Honesty, punctuality, and integrity are what I actively strive for. My organizational and managerial skills put me leagues ahead of my colleagues. If I see a problem, it is in my nature to immediately solve it. I work best through careful analysis, but I’m not opposed to trial and error.

My creative capabilities allows for free-thinking, curiosity, and a passion for art, in all forms. At the same time, my discipline and strong-work ethic provide a rigid focus to perform critical analytics and set data-driven goals. In my free time, I enjoy hiking around the rock terrain of South Texas with my two dogs or grabbing some sushi in the Domain. I get dizzy with excitement when I find a new bookstore and I hope to travel to every continent some day.

Oh, and I love succulents.

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